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The benefits of polyphenols

The secret of Winetherapy is the polyphenol, a substance present in grapes that has a stimulating action for circulation and detoxifying the skin, offering a soothing action for the whole body.

In addition to purifying, it frees the skin from toxins collected day after day through smog, and it has an immediate effect on the peeling.
The Goretti Group perfectly combines the binomial of Wine and Health, and it points out the benefits coming from the most loved juice in the world: The Wine.

A new mission: to create increasingly innovative and effective natural cosmetic products, guaranteeing wellness treatments capable of restoring the right psychophysical balance to its customers.

All products are 100% made in Italy and they are not tested on animals.


Natural creams with grape extracts give to your hands an always smooth and healthy skin.


Hand products


For a bright and youthful face, choose Winetherapy natural products with grape extracts.


Facial products


Winetherapy offers a range of body care products giving you a healthy and smooth skin.


Body products


Give your hair shine and health with the line of shampoos with natural grape extracts


Hair products


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