La nostra Filosofia“Winetherapy is the result of a process that puts in synergy Nature, Company, Research and the needs of the final Customer.”

The new Winetherapy line was born from the intuition and love of those who have always been in contact with the world of enology (wine making) and know perfectly, in addition to the taste-olfactory qualities, also the therapeutic and cosmetic properties deriving from the basic principle of the grape: the polyphenol.
We asked ourselves why not to satisfy the need for mental well-being in addition to the taste buds, passing from the physical-aesthetic involvement that our products give.
The answer was easier than you think, in fact, nature is the essence of our brand: our finest wines are born from the green Umbrian hills, where typicality combined with research, gives life to a cosmetics capable of involving body and mind.
This is what we represent, with the minimal simplicity of our line that highlights the naturalness of the product, diversifying itself.


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